Talk about the second hand car business platform behind the fatal weakness

there is no doubt that Chinese will become one of the world’s largest private car sales in the next few years, private cars may be as ubiquitous as mobile phone. This also gave birth to the rapid rise of the domestic second-hand car electricity supplier, it is reported that there are dozens of second-hand car sales of electricity supplier website. Including some information platform also provides second-hand car trading information, in fact, these second-hand car business platform is to act as the intermediary role of the transaction. Owners can publish information on the sale of these vehicles, if there is a single seller, then the site will contact the owner, the final transaction. Used car business platform in which to earn the commission amount of the transaction, as to how much commission, each site is not the same.

compared with the purchase of new cars, used cars cheap, suitable for those who need to buy a car, but the lack of funds for young people. Especially those who love the car Master often change, how the quality of this part of the consumer groups do not care about the second-hand car. Because they usually just experience each kind of vehicle, the vehicle will soon be sold again. This will have the money to buy other brands of second-hand cars, and so the cycle down, so this consumer is the main consumer groups in the used car market. The second-hand car just to meet their basic needs, if you are going to buy a new car, it will need a lot of money, unless it is otherwise certainly can not afford the nouveau riche.

in addition to the ordinary buyers, such consumers to buy second-hand car more value quality, because they need a high cost of used cars. Of course, do not want to buy a pile of scrap metal, but when the actual purchase, ordinary buyers are often very difficult to distinguish the quality of the vehicle, and the vehicle maintenance for those people in terms of quality, it is too easy. This phenomenon often encountered in daily life, so that the second-hand car business website is the most fatal weakness can not guarantee the quality of second-hand car. In the course of the transaction, the quality of the vehicle can only be stated after the transaction has nothing to do with their own, otherwise it is losing credibility, or even deceive consumers.

Of course,

used car business platform that is difficult to expand, the purchase of second-hand car users are most worried about is the vehicle quality problems, which will be suspected of fraud trick. Therefore, the second-hand car business platform must solve this problem, how to operate it? Can increase the audit efforts of the seller, arrange for the sale of second-hand vehicles in the professional testing. Do not meet the requirements of the vehicle can not be posted on the site, although this will increase the operating costs of the site, but to do this step in order to allow buyers to trust. And there is no buyer, the second-hand car business platform no profit at all.

used car market demand is huge, but the second-hand car business platform does not deal with the important issues of the transaction, but the profit model of these electronic business platform is too simple. Therefore, the second-hand car trading platform is not mature enough, at present, Taobao, Jingdong and other electricity supplier giant has not yet entered the second-hand car market. Article by the square network original, reproduced please specify

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