My view on the development of e commerce in Yunnan

Yunnan economic development level and economic consciousness is always lags behind most of the provinces, it is inevitable we can’t hide it, a lot of people optimistic reports or that the level of e-commerce in Yunnan in the country are in the upper level, it is completely cover the ears Pirates of the bell consciousness.


electronic commerce in some special industry has basically been very complete and systematic, many people have said that Yunnan in the tobacco industry electronic commerce basic level of the country’s leading, but ignored the Yunnan tobacco is the country’s leading, and in addition there is no other better e-commerce flash point enterprise or industry, some people say Yunnan tourism e-commerce, e-commerce and other specialty is good, we can only say that there are some achievements, but it is far from enough, are basically in a small family workshop to carry out the form, set aside the original enterprise competitiveness, the network still can not become the core competitiveness of enterprises.

e-commerce is a common phenomenon in each industry is to imitate and copy each other, many companies do not know what e-commerce is already in the "e-commerce". In fact, these from our e-commerce practitioners view are potential opportunities in each enterprise, if an enterprise is very difficult to make short-term breakthrough on the basis of the original, but it is not difficult to do e-commerce (relative to the traditional non electronic commerce mode), the implementation of an enterprise electronic commerce first need management there is a clear awareness of the layer of enterprise e-commerce, e-commerce is not in direct sales network in out the number of products, but also in how much for enterprises to improve visibility, so that the number of new customers to a new understanding of the company or enterprise e-commerce products, many people in the eyes of the effect is simply how many customers through the web site on the phone, how many customers on the website message to judge, this is very narrow idea. On the most basic e-commerce platform – the site, there are a lot of things are most likely to be ignored:

For example: a

of the customer to buy our products, may not be familiar with in the use of Internet, open the package on the website address, understand more, so the product is satisfactory, which is reflected in increasing the added value of products, the site is also a tool that serves as a customer service

For example: after two

to build their own enterprise website many companies themselves may rarely look at the second time (which is most of our exposure to the company), as can be imagined without information update and maintenance of customers on our website is mainly to obtain valuable information, customers can obtain valuable information, perhaps in the future no longer will come. Electronic commerce is not to teach for enterprises, but to take the initiative in waiting on the basis.

has been a few of my views, in the e-commerce industry in Yunnan for 4 years, some personal experience and understanding of some of the things summed up, each mentioned similar topics are a lot of emotion. We could have done better, didn’t we?

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