ron and steel industry and even the loss of the ten quarter steel by electricity supplier for steel

is the first quarter of this year Chinese iron and Steel Industry Association, called "a quarter" in the new century the most difficult of the steel industry, the domestic large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises a total loss of 2 billion 329 million yuan, up from surplus to deficit, the cumulative loss was 45.45%; and the iron and steel industry, from the fourth quarter of 2011 has been 10 consecutive quarter loss.

in the steel overcapacity, the industry profit situation, steel itself facing constant high pressure steel stock, as well as the upstream coal enterprises rush payment pressure, coupled with its own funds, coal mills began trying to use electronic business platform "for steel".

days ago, steel members of the NetEase financial disclosure, Huaibei mining, Maanshan Steel recently jointly test the water "coal linkage" mode. The so-called "coal linkage" refers to the "money is not short of steel" steel mill steel for coal enterprises in coal, coke and other raw materials, coal enterprises steel sales ability with commercial platform for sales to achieve this batch of steel.

it is reported that this model belongs to the first steel e-commerce innovation, and Maanshan Iron and steel, Huaibei mining industry with the help of this model has realized the flow of funds is equivalent to 9936 tons of steel.

Steel said the platform "coal and steel linkage" mode will greatly enhance the upstream steel turnover of state-owned enterprises "is the pursuit of security and stability, the scale of asset appreciation, good assets, business is good at innovation breakthrough, large scale, good light assets, both in the field of iron and steel, each one has his good points, each man has his limitations so, the two sides will be more closely combined with". According to reports, in addition to Huaibei mining, looking for steel net and Jin coal group to carry out cooperation in this model.

It is reported that

, vice president of Chinese iron and Steel Industry Association, Wang Xiaoqi, to "take off" to describe since last year, steel e-commerce’s popularity. Cai Jin, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said recently that the current commodity e-commerce has more than and 580, of which there are more than and 100 steel.

steel overcapacity in the situation, the increasing number of steel electricity supplier platform, innovation model is also a variety of, and the impact of the traditional steel industry formats have had an impact. It is understood that in recent years, including Baosteel, Shougang Group, Maanshan Iron and steel, Handan Iron and steel, Wuhan steel, Valin Iron & steel, Sha Steel production of iron and steel enterprises are involved in the steel business, in addition, Shanghai Steel Union, Europe Pu steel mesh, Minmetals development, property in Rio, west of the Shinkansen, steel mesh, steel house, Lange steel etc. the steel trade enterprises or IT enterprises have also established the steel business platform.

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