The cross border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy cut overseas O2O


cross-border electricity supplier SF sea Amoy, announced the release of the 4/29 O2O (Online to Offline, the overseas online cross line) sightseeing cross-border shopping channel "authentic", first introduced, jade village, sugar Yuzhen Xin, the old Taiwan 100 famous delicacy Zhennan shop from the island of Taiwan, the next will expand rapidly to Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, Asia’s most popular tourist attractions, the breakthrough year doubled overseas travel on Chinese million tourists shopping scene, provide overseas fresh shopping experience foreign culture, free delivery orders direct mail to Chinese, sustainable consumption "after returning to the new business services.

SF "authentic" sea Amoy channel, May online travel website Ctrip, where is the largest shareholder of Taiwan telecom operators, as well as the star of Taiwan sugar village Taiwan 100 famous shop together in Taiwan, symbolic landmark Taipei 101 building on both sides of the media conference held. SF sea Amoy announced strong demand based on China citizens abroad for sightseeing and shopping, to create cross-border mobile shopping closed loop scene, Chinese passengers abroad before receiving targeted SMS alert notification, the local prepaid card provided by SF sea Amoy and Taiwan star, on the road using mobile Internet location service (LBS, Location-Based, Services) accurate to attract tourists to SF sea Amoy ground joint stores, while experiencing the real goods, to the mobile client orders in Taiwan local specialty stores and shopping centers in the country, home address, direct mail distribution back to passengers. By SF sea Amoy overseas O2O service, Chinese travellers, see the most timely Chinese product details in mobile phone in mobile shopping, order direct mail to China, no longer need to hard delivery to the airport. Back to Chinese, also can by SF sea Amoy mobile terminal and Ctrip accompanying purchase channels, long-term focus and sustained consumption overseas merchants released the latest commodity.

in January this year, SF EXPRESS officially released a new website SF sea Amoy, is different from the preferred SF and Tmall international, Shun Fenghai Amoy is a focus on cross-border imports of B2C direct electricity supplier, the main push of maternal and child care, daily necessities, cosmetics, food and other categories, stressed that all genuine direct mining, the core members of the team included former background employees of the Alibaba. SF scouring the sea after three months on the line announced the release of "authentic" channel, in addition to the thousands of cross-border interbank intensive investment in bonded mode, SF sea Amoy choose service overseas tourist group is starting new business growth. Ren Xiaoyu said that the goods back to China by SF plane from overseas direct mail, user experience after a week or so, you can receive the goods in Chinese address, the participation of overseas O2O businesses in Taiwan, multi commodity pineapple cakes, Taiwan tea, nougat, Sabl, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, mask, cultural and creative goods… So, in the concession period and all activities under the line of stores and distribution of cross-border shipping price, even cheaper than online bargain sales mix. Ren Xiaoyu said that the mainland consumers love Taiwan very exotic life, but for Taiwan what good goods Chinese did not say a few users, through the Taiwan department.

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