The development of the pharmaceutical electronic commerce a good pharmacist health mall industry exa

along with the electronic commerce Shirupozhu influence continues to expand, in more and more people have been accustomed to online shopping at the same time, there are more and more companies continue to join the electric force, the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The potential and speed the development of electronic commerce naturally no doubt, but to win to win the market, get the recognition of consumers is not easy, especially directly related to the safety of people’s life and health of the pharmaceutical industry.

recently, the reporter interviewed the China’s largest online pharmacies, leading the direction in the field of medicine electronic commerce good pharmacist health Mall (, and the mall responsible person on the status quo and development direction of China’s pharmaceutical business, and discusses the development experience of good pharmacist health mall.

as everyone knows, good pharmacist health mall since its inception, showing a trend of rapid development, with a wealth of high-quality products, safe and convenient delivery service, cheap prices and the rapid occupation of the development of China’s pharmaceutical business heights. It is understood that in the first half of 2013, a good pharmacist sales exceeded 61 million 290 thousand yuan, an increase of nearly 100%, many experts have concluded that a good pharmacist will become a leader in the new pattern of China’s pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

according to the person in charge of a good pharmacist health mall, currently a good pharmacist online registered members of more than 1 million 200 thousand, the upstream manufacturers of more than 4 thousand and 200, operating the quality of the regulation of the more than 14 thousand, on-line operating products over 20 thousand. Through direct cooperation with the manufacturers, eliminating the need for intermediate links to improve product performance, while covering the country’s logistics and distribution network to provide consumers with efficient and convenient delivery services. For consumers, pharmacies, clinics, manufacturers, hospitals and other countries to build the country’s most comprehensive and most influential one-stop health service platform is the mission and goal of a good pharmacist health mall.

according to the present situation and developing direction of the pharmaceutical business, the person in charge of good pharmacist health mall said that as a highly standardized commodity, the pharmaceutical industry is very suitable for the development of electronic commerce, but the current level of development of the pharmaceutical electronic commerce in China is still relatively low, some value chain has not been effectively developed. At the same time, the technology and means of supervision is relatively backward, making the degree of marketization of medical e-commerce is not high. However, with the continuous improvement of the technical level and the country’s emphasis on the reform of pharmaceutical electricity supplier and reform, China’s pharmaceutical e-commerce development potential.

China’s pharmaceutical e-commerce development prospects, but faces many challenges. As the leader in the development of e-commerce in China, a good pharmacist health mall has a strategic opportunity. But had to admit, good pharmacist health mall only pharmaceutical e-commerce in China very rare, only more and more like a good pharmacist health mall like electricity supplier in order to realize the prosperity of China’s medical e-commerce.

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