Rural electricity supplier is not just a slogan system how bad you made it

online shop online upgrade this fire has burned to the countryside.

was founded in November 2015 Nongze Sheng this new project is intended to integrate the township level of supermarkets and shops, play a different rural electricity supplier.

"township level supermarkets and shops and supermarkets in the city format is the same, but can play a role is completely different. The supermarket can undertake a variety of functions. Nongze Sheng is to tap the potential energy of the terminal shop." Nongze Sheng co-founder Wang Yang said.

"according to our survey, about 30% of the villages and towns supermarkets have used IT system, but for various reasons to give up." Wang Yang pointed out that the current level of the township supermarket almost did not use the IT system, which also led to the lack of rural consumer data.

According to

billion state power network to understand, can go deep into the rural areas of the upstream manufacturers can delivery of goods to the terminal stores the township level, but did not know that sales data terminal shop. Brands can be purchased to the three or four line of the city’s consumer data, but the majority of rural consumption data is not available.

Wang Yang pointed out that not easy to use and is not practical in rural shops because of the two major reasons for the practical IT system. "The owner needs to enter each SKU bar code into the system, is very inconvenient. And a lot of goods in the supermarket of the township level is no fake bar code, such goods before the system is unable to manage. The owner is not interested in selling, but they do not know that these are fake."

Nongze Sheng is dedicated to the township level supermarket develops a new IT system. After the use of the system, the owner does not have to enter a bar code for each product, but it can cover 60% to 70% of the store’s products. Wang Yang said, on Nongze Sheng is how to realize the function of the system is not convenient to disclose.

in addition, the IT system for the owner to provide the Nongze Sheng in the "the code" function, support different bulk goods for a barcode, or no barcode merchandise up unified control.

for the convenience of township supermarket operation, Nongze Sheng ordering system and front-end sales system together, while in the traditional system in which they are separated. Wang Yang said that although this is a small change, but it is convenient for small and medium supermarkets in the town of unified management invoicing.

Wang Yang said that with more and more rural supermarket use Nongze Sheng system, Nongze Sheng will be to contact the township and county upstream wholesalers and supermarket brands link, which is the core of the whole system of township supermarket.

the following content according to the communication between the two sides:

system: Nongze billion state power network Sheng need networking, how the township network infrastructure of the


Wang Yang: Township network is now very good speed, laying the line is also very fast. But in town

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