Why does the Amazon streaming media device of muddy water

[Abstract] Amazon’s main business philosophy is to allow the company to do everything".


BI Chinese station on April 2nd reported

Will hold a media event in New York, Amazon

Wednesday, expected the company will launch a new equipment – whether the device is dongle or set-top box — it can let users in TV play from the Amazon, or streaming video content in Netflix and Hulu.

has reported that Amazon’s device will run Google (micro-blog) Android operating system, but also can act as a video game console. The flow of media equipment market competition has been very intense, Amazon’s devices will be Apple’s Apple TV, Roku or Google Chromecast direct confrontation. In this case, Amazon why muddy water drips


in the last year, Brad · Stone (Brad Stone) published last year about Amazon’s works "everything store: Geoff · Bezos and Amazon (The Everything Store: Jeff" Bezos and the Age of Amazon.), the author once wrote, "the Amazon will launch a mobile phone or TV set-top box and Internet connection? That would be the case, because the company hopes to make their services appear in all the network equipment, so Amazon customers do not have to rely solely on the main competitors of hardware."

Amazon’s main business philosophy is to let the company omnipotent". To achieve this goal, Amazon needs a set of systems to provide users with streaming media services. By publishing its own streaming media devices, Amazon will make up for the gap between the user’s computer and television, so that the user’s money flows to Roku or Chromecast.

since Amazon launched video services Instant Video in 2011, Amazon has invested heavily in the film and television media library to supplement the service. Amazon’s first homemade drama "Alfa" (Alpha House) and "Betas" has been released last year, this year will also release 6 original drama.

The market size of

streaming media is still small, but it is expected to flourish in the coming years. Amazon has a chance to succeed. Google Chromecast market in less than a year, the market share of the product has reached 14%.

of course, Amazon will never rely on hardware business to make money. A recent study shows that, compared with the user does not have Kindle, Kindle users from the Amazon to buy an average of $443 items. Just like K>

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