BBC China quest online shopping hand chop Party 100 thousand Group annual consumption of 30 billion

British media said that after becoming the world’s second largest economy, China is trying to contribute to economic growth from the export of investment to domestic consumption led change.

according to Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 23rd, China’s official economic growth in the first half of this year was 6.7%, but the service industry growth rate of up to 7.5%. Analysts said that consumption has continued to be the "first Chinese economic growth engine: the first half of this year, consumer spending on China contribution to economic growth rate of 73.4%, respectively, over the same period last year and last year increased by 13.2 percentage points and 13.5 percentage points. Meanwhile, the first half of China’s physical goods online retail sales grew by 26.6%, higher than the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods growth rate of 16.3 percentage points.

September 6th, Shanghai Pudong Airport, is ready to travel to Europe and Africa tour 27 year old Hangzhou resident Ye Daoqiong told BBC reporter, in addition to emergency and short time needed, 95% of their shopping online. She believes that the majority of demand can be met through online shopping". And Ye Daoqiong counterparts 33 year old Fuzhou citizens, said Zheng Lingjie, in addition to eating, online shopping accounted for 80-90% of their total spending.

Ye Daoqiong believes that in China, online shopping has become a common phenomenon, colleagues, especially girls can receive new packages every day".

reported that Ye Daoqiong Zheng Lingjie, but also represents a special group of noble status "- the same day and together they were invited to Italy to visit the Chinese brand manufacturers is the largest online shopping platform Alibaba" black card "users, they are called by a group of people to win business platform".

electronic business platform, of course, know the benefits of this group of people to please bring. Alibaba customer experience driven innovation center and vice president Wang Hai told reporters BBC, from purchasing power, a member of the one hundred thousand group last year black card spending about 30000000000 yuan, an average of about 300000 per person.

reported that China’s new round of economic growth in the process of structural adjustment, the online shopping army was high hopes. Ye Daoqiong, Zheng Lingjie Chinese represents a new generation of consumers, are labeled "hand chop party" and "new-new generation" label. At the same time, some of the "network Master" much higher than the average consumption level of purchasing power, their shopping behavior mixed reviews by show show bags, luxury brand China society "caused Choufu psychology" in social networks, but also some people think that these shopping behavior reflects the China life quality and brand awareness upgrade.

reported that, in addition to a common identity of online shopping, they will also represent a relatively high income China upstart group. The group has Chinese which a new generation of consumers in common? And show what out of the ordinary "hot"


Ye Daoqiong believes that with respect to online shopping, online shopping more convenient. Last year, more than 500 thousand of online shopping, Zheng Lingjie said, online shopping can solve the problem of unequal information

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