Exclusive analysis electricity supplier tide will reshape the social business model

[news] May 22nd

billion state power Jingdong today, success in the United States IPO, access to capital markets were booming……. In the Jingdong, has the largest domestic cosmetics vertical electric jumei.com landing on the NYSE, the Jingdong, there are more ferocious giant electricity supplier Alibaba listed as a whole. In 2014, foster years China blue chip stocks were basically already successfully listed.

and the wave of shock waves, but also far from being able to fully reflect the share price and market capitalization. As you can see, the business model of the entire retail industry will be reshaped.

1, since then, single business retail business has been unable to compete with the electricity supplier at the same level, the next 5 years, jobs will lose $30%.

after the completion of the listing of the electricity supplier market power will be stronger, physical goods sold to a certain size (number of SKU Jingdong has more than 40 million, Ali is the times, this is any one single business retail enterprises can not be compared, its convergence) derived from the huge user resources and information all can be used as resources, service resources and commodity resources development and sales. Product gross margin is typically only 10%, then formed between services and goods Maori is usually more than 70% (the Alibaba is not a proprietary platform that is essentially a kind of information service in 2013, its gross margin is more than 70%).

With the acceleration of the scale advantage of

, the scale of traditional retail organization will become worse. Due to the lack of information resources into the product of the network technology platform and scale advantages, in 5 years, the traditional retail industry is afraid to lose the current employment of 30%, or even more.

2, a comprehensive indicator of the effectiveness of alternative indicators, the effectiveness of the 2 million is the starting point, the retail industry, the service sector to build a competitive model.

after a large domestic electricity business platform completed listing (so far, Jingdong, Dangdang, Gome, Suning, vip.com, jumei.com, Mcglaughlin and other electronic business platform has completed the listing, the Alibaba completed during the year), the average salary will be further pushed up the employees, in addition to price differentials based gross margin not rebound, per capita annual sales of 2 million will become the network retail industry competition started threshold, otherwise is unable to form the intensive effect, the traditional retail shops in the era of look up to as the standard Ping efficiency indicators, efficiency indicators will be fully replaced.

even so, compared with Amazon, China’s electricity business indicators are still low. According to public data, Amazon effect more than 4 million yuan, Chinese has been listed on the business platform of efficiency indicators in many 3 million, but the majority of the electricity supplier vertical in a million, and traditional retail is lower.

is based on the leading indicator system of human performance, and the competitiveness model of retail and service industry will be re established in the next few years.

3, China electricity supplier will be >

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