Get 3 review after feeling by a Q

a few days ago a lot of friends, I have a week to attend the wedding, ha ha is to participate in the 2 wedding. It’s really a happy thing. It’s a shame to see my friends and my bride so sweet that they’re the same as me.


left I set the automatic recovery information written above the captured goods please message me back. This is a word the trouble I almost got angry. When I come back in a week to see the need to deliver all of the goods I have shipped, but I came back immediately after dealing with these things. See a man gave me a message saying I will give me delivery Q coins, I flew to his ship, but I looked at him to shoot the link not just to make sure the customer really need coins was almost 3 a.m.. This time I haven’t had time to drink a glass of water, but I can get a good sleep.

second days up to 11 in the morning, when I finished to sit in front of a computer to see a piece of information is a return information. I opened it looked under the wrong I doubt my people buy Q coins. I will contact him how, why no reason to return ah do not say a word, he said to me as long as I speak with a hint of him, the owner no longer wait for the owner to come back to you. I explained to him that it was because I didn’t last night, I was setting up an automatic reply, and he went on to say that the second time I sent you a message. I said I didn’t come back yet. This time I looked at the other side of the data that he was a new registered users, I have to explain to him patiently. I was watching you link wrong, and so on your on-line confirmation, he seems to have no words to say that I waited for a day, I am sorry to say to a person, I immediately sent you. Please give me praise this is my habit of a word, who knows that people told me that I wrote in your comments on it,

"I photographed, called the treasurer of the ship, but he always said I will back the goods to you, please wait patiently.

I took it last night, but I haven’t received it yet……

didn’t ship until……

dispensers too slow delivery, service needs to be improved.

I made a hot

horse said. Let me show you 2 Q as compensation, I hope you give me a praise, I think it will be well, I immediately sent him 2, I said that the customer evaluation is very important for us to the seller. (I will not give you what caused serious loss. This is what I said to myself that I thought I was okay) he immediately made the evaluation to me, I see a 2 child gave me one of the assessment is still very serious criticism of my meal. People are spending pleasure this is my money! I don’t want him to take over 10 Q certainly can change to praise, he means that I give him a little dizzy. I took you 6 cents to buy me an even if I gave you 2. Nice to say a basket finally gave me a criticism. Really >

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