How to find a single product a month to search traffic from 0 to do 10 thousand UV

today with this article and we talk about the 2015 Taobao how to make a single product a month from the date of 0 to do the search traffic. Do not drive, not on the event, the search traffic over.


This shop is a three

drill small C shop, the operation began in June July 2nd, when a single product flow is ten thousand 3, now traffic is still rising stage, sandals female biggest word basically ranked in the first page of the wireless terminal, but also the optimization of the space is now basically stable at more than and 200 every day; more than a single.


the first step to prepare goods

prepared 1 new (must be the train test out good money), 5 full network the one and only the main figure, the first main map must be high click rate, make the details page, upload picture space, the layout of core words under the frame of time, write the title, put into the warehouse shelves, waiting for.

if it is old, you can delete the re operation, but must be removed from the main picture of the picture space good page links, otherwise there will be no new logo. Get the new target method:

1 new design of the main map of the five, not the same as the old main map;

2 old section of the details of the page to re cut, you can re layout;

3 delete the main link and the details page links in the image space; re upload the new section of the details of the page;

4 to prepare a new item, print the new tag;

do the above, the product line will appear within 24 hours after the new standard.

second steps to determine the core word

For example, I do

sandals, attributes are: slope with thick bottom; then the core word I is wedges and thick soled sandals, of course, the core words are chosen according to the data cube Amoy word search index, not only to select the search index of OK, but also the choice of precision attribute. Indifferent, need according to their own personal power to choose, at least to grasp can win the keywords ranking, such as: the core words I selected are hot words.

core word:

slope with Sandals 7 days search index is 130438 (precise word);

thick bottom Sandals 7 days search index is 67170 (precise word);

sandals summer 7 days of the search index is 291118 (flow word);

sandals female 7 days search index is 372352 (flow word);

pre selection of the 4 core words is to be in the first week of 7 days must be on the Taobao PC home page, how to ensure that all words in all the home page in 7 days?.


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