Tang Wei the domain name was registered by a space transfer price of 7000 yuan

in the atmosphere of lust "sejie" poster

Ang Lee became the heroine of the film was unknown to the public Tang Wei overnight, with "lust, caution" in the world’s release, Tang Wei’s red carpet style directly over the small star stage shy, directly into the atmosphere, elegant, intellectual star fan children. Tang Wei also gave birth to the famous domain name market opportunities, became popular, about Tang Wei’s domain name seems to disappear overnight, by netizens registered a space, the mobile phone tangwei.mobi domain name registered immediately after the price of 7000 yuan!

recently, the streets and lanes to talk about a topic, "color, ring" really become a synonym for "color", become the climax of the play on the bed, but also become a representative of the naked play. "Lust, caution" became popular, let the actors shine, in which Tang Wei returns the most lucky Tang Wei by Ang Lee "sejie" a fire holding red to the world, from Cinderella to girl, is simply asking for the moon. Tang Wei became famous, her name is the domain name was registered A single word of gold., immediately, the transfer price of 7000 yuan.


reporter linked to the registration of the domain name, the domain name tangwei.mobi said she has a high commercial value in "lust, caution" like a raging fire in the environment, on behalf of the Tang Wei name is "color" and "naked", the name Tangwei is not inferior to the sex domain name, sex had to shoot sky high price. However, the domain name Fan said, Tang Wei overnight, the name of the value is infinite, but I never thought of overnight, just real transfer of domain name, is the price of 7000 yuan! With this domain name has a "color, ring," the essence of the domain name to do a website, business opportunities can be imagined, do not spend too much money will be able to get a household name visibility!

of course, Tang Wei individuals can also do their own website, through the phone and the Internet anytime, anywhere to view their information!

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