Why do industry website

said my website, China machine tool exhibition network is not AD, as is known to all, the industry website is relatively easy to make money. Do not bother to deliberately make optimization. Because there are mountains outside the mountains, people out there; do not care about the traffic. We point to open my site to see (hey, just said not AD. In fact, is the need to introduce, hey hey, I found my site and the traditional industry stand what is the difference between it. But there are plenty of advertisements. Why is this


I am the Chinese machine tool exhibition network, is through the lattice network and group push network association.

I think, now the small and medium-sized enterprises do not know how much your website traffic, what pr. They promote the method is Baidu ah, Google ah, optimization, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. But the regular search promotion costs are too high, the cost of optimization is relatively low, but unstable, not safe. Therefore, the industry website has become the small and medium-sized enterprise xiangbobo. Industry website also targeted,

This is the Baidu

and Google in the search engine, but also the signs, and the industry website removed a website for more advantages different from search engine promotion incomparable, such as my China machine tool exhibition network. What people will browse only the demand for machine tools, of course, as well as machine tool manufacturers. This is his aim. Domestic enterprises generally do Baidu promotion, and now most of the 5600 Baidu promotion account, there is a service charge of six hundred, and the pre deposit of 5000. However, which 5000 yuan a business can use how long. One year, six months or three months.

let’s take a look at the current machine tool industry and related keywords click price:

keyword unit price (unit price: yuan)

car 30.24

vertical lathe 13.76

milling machine 5.43

& 22.77

machine tool shield 11.22

shield 13.36

gauge 5.94

cast iron platform 64.07

cast iron plate 52.33

mould 6.34

more than 2000 times the amount of search keywords in more than. So, how long can you save 5000? We even if you are a row in the home page of the key word every day to be clicked 100 times, calculate a $5. So 5*100=500 yuan, that is, 5000 of the pre stored only 10 days can be spent, and you can not only promote a key word, even with some geographical restrictions on what ah, but also not long. It’s not that bad. Some time ago, the Internet came out of a Baidu auction click device, I do not know everyone

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