Cross border maternal and child price war overdraft industry resources

over a period of time, and maternal across borders is only one word can describe: fire! The future trend of cross-border electricity supplier maternal how will not be affected by the policy factors, foreign brands strategy? On the subject, and a number of cross-border billion state power network industry veteran who launched a mother to discuss.

according to the following content discussion of cross-border child asylum Ebang salon finishing. (involving the guests: maternal home goods department director Zhang Bolin, golden CEO, Tao Wei, deputy general manager Wei Da October mummy mother network co-founder Gao Guangying, kick business general manager Xu Jun


kick: Xu Jun

policy risk is not a certain risk of the supply chain

from the feelings of our businesses in terms of cross-border electricity supplier, the national policy level is not a big problem, but there may be some adjustments in the tax area. However, the supply chain level, the attitude of foreign brands will have a certain risk. And in particular, some foreign brands in China with the total generation, the need to consider the interests of many brands, consider the issue of price control. Many foreign brands are still waiting for the Chinese market, cross-border electricity supplier this thing is also observed.

price war overdraft industry resources

In fact,

businesses through cross-border electricity obtained the standard cost of Kao and other basic difference. Through the price war, businesses can quickly produce water. But in fact, the entire industry is overdrawn product resources. If a brand is done to change a bad, then it is difficult to continue to develop the retailer.

Tao Wei:


cross-border electricity supplier just let the price system more transparent

cross-border electricity supplier is to make the price system more transparent. To analyze the sales of 68 yuan to Kao this extreme example, then we calculated the overall data that sales activities do it is not good. Because only the minimum code Kao diapers for the price of 68 yuan, and this type of diaper needs is very small.

put on the agenda of cross-border electricity taxes

cross-border electricity supplier policy risk is not big, but there will be changes. It is said that cross-border electricity supplier tax has been put on the agenda, about 20% of the tax levy, but the specific implementation may not be so fast. This will lead to a decline in the price advantage of some goods. After that, the cost of postal parcels is not affected, but due to the long transport time, so the user’s logistics experience will be poor.

: October mummy weidar

cross-border electricity supplier on the impact of large domestic standard

introduction of foreign brands of cross-border electricity supplier maternal product benchmarking a greater impact, but for the non standard maternity is actually not what effect. October mummy early blow to many foreign brands, now China has achieved good market share, we are most concerned about is the change of the consumer. 85, what are the new needs of mothers after 90.

price war is not the future

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