The world’s top 500 produced 17TV TV hey turn double 11 is continuing to lead

once a year the double 11 shopping carnival is approaching, various manufacturers of "double 11" war fight hard. 17TV TV is continuing to lead, become a popular explosion of Tmall electric. What are some of the highlights of the 17TV TV to make it stand out?

800 thousand hours

sources than other vendors three times:

as the world’s top 500 enterprises of Lenovo’s 17TV TV, the content of the new upgrade, 17TV video content copyright resources integration blockbuster, Iqiyi and many other content providers. And invested a lot of money to build CDN to ensure smooth video playback.



content, VOD content platform provides 800 thousand hours of high quality content, including more than 4000 films, more than more than 1500 TV series, children’s content of more than 2000, the monthly update program for more than 1 thousand and 200 hours. Ultra HD program accounted for 80%, 3D, 4K program more than more than 200, the same stream quality leading competitors in the industry.

industry’s first interactive experience:

17TV also quietly launched a 55 inch upgraded version of the new TV, and on the basis of the original to do further optimization. 17TV remote determined not to do redundant zombie button, the function of the partition is simple and clear, fabric texture skid resistant, the final shape has become the industry’s unique brand identity.

remote control now integrate voice, somatosensory, Bluetooth technology and one is not innovation, who is truly fast fast and accurate, accurate and stable. As an extension of the human fingers, 17TV using Freespace air direction and motion control technology, automatic calibration, intelligent motion stability, compensation range, human blink time should be 300ms, 17TV and chiral response time is the industry’s fastest 40ms, like Wii can play game, delay less than 45 Ms.


17TV system for Ali yunOS, the original sandwich UI, processing capacity of breakthrough in the traditional Android information bit complex interface, smoothly rotating switching mode with 3D effect, reduces the level and operation steps, a key speed switch to live TV, video games, the application of the three page stereoscopic, other users also can be installed when the shellfish market to download a variety of special large screen app application software.

at the same time, as the families have children to re open the TV, share together happy times, open the tiger mother mode, 17TV will automatically open eye function, high energy light filtering in the LED spectra have influence on macular retinal children — blue light; greatly improve the backlight PWM frequency, to achieve the ultimate flicker; at the same time to adjust the temperature and.

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