My electricity supplier small seller entrepreneurial process

was the first to introduce myself, I was in Sichuan, contact the electricity supplier for 3 years, beginning not to understand, is the 1 day brush brush drill fudge a 2 drill shop, brush out are some of the few money products, there is no practical significance. It was not long before the Taobao shop, because it is not their own reputation is not sad to sell, that is, the loss of a few hundred dollars to buy a lesson. To be honest.

then re apply for a Taobao account, re shop, this time there is no brush, from dawn to dusk every day, busy watching tutorials, about 1 months is not 5, the anxious mood don’t mention it, then go to the train, no way, although the train than the car have to burn money, but also to open on the train, learning a month, every day study keywords, website optimization than hard sell, is the men we need to study what and when key words flow, sometimes competing, not elected, he is new, not less money, can only choose some accurate long tail words.

hard work pays off, one month down, the train drove to earn a lot of credit, just flat, almost at a loss, do men afraid of off-season, the off-season when there is no way at all, after all is the person do not have extra money, some activities can not, almost all of Taobao’s advertising fixed, early advertisements are mainly sold almost. This year, the money is good, and sometimes really dream of their own 5 million, can have their own cost of clothes. Sell your favorite style.

please get to the point, in addition to driving and optimization, but also everywhere to do advertising, such as Ali mother to buy some traffic, then go to the group purchase net posts, or get a cheap group purchase, at least to earn their own train expenses, otherwise it is difficult to survive the off-season, but is not a good way to rest on our laurels.


electronic commerce depth ruthless, Taobao is selling resources, Juhuasuan is very difficult, unless you low price to a certain extent, it is possible to be selected, the second is to spend tens of thousands of pieces by the third TP company to take the relationship.

see here you may feel that you have never encountered these things, this is the truth, need every step of the way will encounter, rely on Taobao natural flow, it is very difficult to do so we will store the spare time to learn more, see more experience post, in order to better growth.

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