Electronic Commerce traditional retailers need to blaze a new trail

and Jingdong A new force suddenly rises. as early as August 2007 and January 2009 Mall for $10 million and $21 million in financing, then seems to have not let the traditional retailers feel the market opportunities and pressure. Jingdong in January this year and stores the successful financing of $150 million, become the largest since the financial crisis in the field of Internet e-commerce or even a financing, finally let the industry exclaimed: why venture capital frequently phase a loss for 6 consecutive years of Jingdong B2C e-commerce shopping mall? What what

can do?

related figures may indicate strong e-commerce: Jingdong mall has maintained 300% consecutive years of rapid development of more than 5. 2009 turnover of nearly 4 billion yuan, more than 6 million registered users, and the share of 3C online shopping to become China’s largest B2C e-commerce business in. 2010, Jingdong mall sales target will hit 10 billion yuan.

Jingdong can create such a performance, there is a point of view is good: and its e-commerce as a chain of life, to enlarge the strategic level inseparable. But for most traditional retailers, B2C is only a supplementary business, not essential, can "test the water" to look at the situation, good benefits do not turn off. The news that a retail giant B2C platform running for 6 years, has been lethargic, its executives bluntly "lazy tube".

this is estimated to be the true attitude of most traditional retailers. It is this mentality, making no traditional retailers in the field of B2C at present won a space for one person.

, however, Suning, Gome, Wangfujing and other large traditional retailers began to heart and put into action. See NiuDao — Suning to benefit from its logistics and distribution capabilities and store network and especially for the Spring Festival holiday announced 24 hours security plan, its e-commerce platform suning.com net sales surged 3 times. Suning.com during the Spring Festival holiday sales compared with the same period last year, sales growth of 283%, sales growth of more than 300%. Suning chairman Zhang Jindong’s ambition is, suning.com 3 years to take home appliances online shopping market 20% market share.

traditional retailers know that B2C, C2C and other e-commerce is the future of the retail industry this truth, but few efforts to grasp the future. In addition to the market’s keen sense of smell, there is little interest in factors. This is due to the last round of the "great leap forward", many traditional retailers flock into e-commerce, but the results of a rebuff, most of his withdrawal, the few remaining in several B2C platform also adhere to half-dead. But it should be noted that today has been different in the past, traditional retailers must once again face the setback".

in fact, traditional retailers develop e-commerce has many advantages: abundant commodity structure, long-term stable supply channels, throughout the physical network and compared to many domestic B2C website is more perfect logistics distribution system…… At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce

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