Liu Erchuang Beginner how to earn his first gold

once wrote a series of articles quickly earning 1W, but found a lot of people watching what no real meaning, so I feel that if you want to see, you can click on the, 20101029/284171.shtml and a series of articles, I have to write something for the novice, but what you do or not do, this is your problem.

first pot of gold, is our most precious thing, like first women, everyone, every thing, there are first times, first times after stimulation, in particular, the mood is also very tangled, unforgettable, many people look forward to their network in the first pot of gold, but very many friends in the network walked for a long time did not find, why? May say you know the way out, you could say that there is no good way, you could say that the execution is not, for many reasons, manifestations, want to solve, is very simple, we look at the proposal to solve the problem of Liu Erchuang: in this article I wrote immediately, might be able to help some friends.

What is the

people live life to live with???? in fact, these are the true happiness? I want, to tell the truth, a lot of things is not no money, there is a saying: "money can push the ghost mill", there is a saying: "money is not everything but the latter said:" "no money is totally unacceptable, that fully reflects the importance of money in twenty-first Century and availability, are irrelevant to the point, then we feel shy, many novice contact Wangzhuan is very confused, don’t know what to do, in fact, I came from that person, I have the experience deeply once, from the hook to make money, and now I bid, difficult step by step and tangled heart, perhaps only they can understand, perhaps say that this article can’t help you, but will let you go a lot less Curving road。

network with the reality is the same, from in there work, toil, there is a boss and so on, OK, we all know that toil can make money, but money is not so easy, but these things are a lot of people are willing to do, why? Because there is no need for investment, can be said to be "start empty-handed" no matter, said the network or the reality, in twenty-first Century to start empty-handed really difficult, now what age, the money is not so easy to earn. We this article is aimed at the novice veteran, do not need to read, I suggest we first novice first do not toil, why do you say that? Many people take our toil joking, ha ha, there are a lot of things to do on the network easily, it is not necessary to do those who toil, first of all I said to personal views those who toil things:

1: Code (although he did not do, but heard)

2: click (also not done, but >

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