Check each electricity supplier for the Jingdong 618 Besieged

Jingdong 618 activities so big, small partners, of course, to do their best to create. Small simple inventory of what several major electricity supplier of Jingdong 618 monday. The Taobao and Tmall is keen to fight with the Jingdong than Ali for them, of course, the 32 day battle shouting put up a pageantry of the United States online (previously shout slogans on money than your Jingdong). Of course is really cheap or really propaganda, which requires each of the consumers’ own piercing eye.


Gome online, peak showdown, decisive battle 32 days


Tmall big promotion in the year (618 is a big promotion of digital products)

years to promote


– Battle World Cup


360 UPS 618 on the base (which is the highest level of irony), worthy of the fun is that all 360 at the bottom of the browser will appear similar, if you are in the Jingdong shopping, may have a little misunderstanding.


lower left corner has 360 of its own jump link tail collection revealed 618 (though in fact is not strong, but the momentum is still very full)


direct copy Jingdong banner Yi Xun

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