Online shop under the net entity operating shop amphibious operation was investigated

China Ningbo news recently, Cixi industry and Commerce Department found a shop and the network entity "amphibious" operation in the inspection, and to give the investigation of unlicensed.

Guangdong Liu later graduated to work in Cixi, has not found work. From the beginning of last year, Liu Zairen flow less Zhangqi town Cixi Ocean Village rented a house, and registered in Taobao, began to sell online from small appliances. In order to open up the market, small Liu Yeshun will sell a small home appliances in the hut. After a period of operation, the "network business entity" amphibious small appliance stores have been full of sound and colour "".

"in our daily inspections found that the" amphibious "of small household electrical appliances store, after investigation, the unlicensed and parties for promotion, an established fact, Liu is also part of the" xiaotianwang "washing machine sales of false propaganda." According to the Cixi branch of the industrial and commercial cadres from the palm of the introduction, in view of the illegal operation of the time is not long, small amount of business, which has been ordered to correct it immediately, and impose a fine of 1000 yuan penalty.

I have a lot of friends do not have a license to open the shop, why can’t I?.

shop and the store is different, the case of small Liu Que entities operating behavior, has constituted the license, so be punished." An industrial and commercial staff explained.

so open shop in the end do not apply for a business license for this, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Ningbo city industry and Commerce Bureau Information office.

"in 2010, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the" Interim Measures "of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, encourage with registration requirements shall apply for business registration online." However, due to the Interim Measures for the business entities, not only through the online trading platform set up shop registration conditions, standards and requirements are not detailed and clear, so the business sector to the shop for business license has no rigid rules. Therefore, the interim measures promulgated more than two years, the city’s industrial and commercial departments have never been investigated for such acts of unlicensed shop.

"but once there is an entity, it is necessary to apply for a business license." This is the person in charge of the last stressed.

business sector although the shop for business license is not mandatory, but actively encourage and guide the store shop passport, carry out online according to liang.

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what is the online shine

online is bright business license online identification work refers to all kinds of network operators proposed site to the administrative department for Industry and Commerce (WEB) the identity of the owner to confirm the application of the business sector registered according to economic account information to their own website, check that the owner of the information, at the bottom of the enterprise website page affixed to counterfeit, characteristic and gongdun.

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