Shanghai Longfeng combat and optimizing

each image Img tags for example: imgsrc="贵族宝贝.cn/images/logo_about.gif" alt=" Shanghai; Phoenix; Hangzhou search engine optimization services " / search engine reads the property to understand the image information. Therefore, the best in the Alt attribute of all illustrations are text, and bring the page keyword in the.

website image optimization. Increase search engine visible text description, and try to compress image while maintaining the image quality under the condition of the file size.

(3) increase as "more in the picture below or beside……" Links include keywords.


(2) add a keyword of the heading contains the title tag in the code, then add text in the picture below.

2. text

1.Alt property

3.GIF and JPGE

There are two core image optimization

short, "should minimize decorative pictures and images. While the Aft attribute text to search engines, to lower its importance than the text text.

(4) create some attract both users and attract the text search engine page, first the flow attracted to these pages, then provide text links to your page.

In addition to the Alt

the Aft attribute and the text is just outside of that image text environment optimization, optimization of the picture itself is easy to talk about the following. Image files on the optimization objective is in try not to affect the image effect, the file size is reduced to a minimum, in order to speed up the whole page download speed.

attribute text, can also direct optimization method considering the following image, which can be searched for:

page picture format includes GIF and JPGE two forms. Generally speaking, GIF is suitable for the chart and corporate logo; JPEG for picture element format. By reducing the number of color GIE, reduce the size and reduce the resolution to close the file, can also be used to optimize the expression of cascading style. The PhotoShop version more suitable for network >

With the Aft attribute, The

in general, the search engine only read the text, is not visible on the image. At the same time, the image file directly slow page load time, if more than 20 seconds also cannot be loaded, users and search engines are likely to leave your site. Therefore, unless the website content is taking pictures, such as game site or picture is essential, otherwise try to avoid the use of the big picture, not pure image mining dump web page (SplashPage).

(1) contains the text description keywords in the picture above or below plus.

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