How to quickly find new quality Links

select the target site, check the site in the major search engines is normal, using "site: target URL" see included, if only one or a few included in 10 pages, it is possible to search engine drop right suspect.


, by searching for keywords

site outside the chain and chain number

4. see

in the "site: target site to see whether the latest snapshot, or within 3 days. If the snapshot difference for a week or more, is likely to remain the snapshot. It can be seen from the figure third page website snapshot is relatively healthy.

included in the snapshot and query are normal, can use Adsense tools to check the target URL included and this week included, in order to better judge the quality of the website.

included snapshot didn’t what problem, then check the number of the chain and the target web site about its website itself derived links, can judge the website external work >


1. to view the major search engines is normal

2. website snapshot


keyword search results as above, start the filtering site, because of the possibility in the first page of the weight of new affirmation and successful exchange of basic zero, there are several love of Shanghai itself, usually from the beginning of the second page, take the Shanghai dragon as an example to turn to page 3 after the beginning of the filter to get the following results.


a new station on the line, how to get good rankings and the weight in the short term, the chain plays a crucial factor. An old saying, "content is king, the chain is king" is not without reason. The friendship chain as one of the important sources of the chain, how to do it well, but also need to work hard. Like many large web sites, have the chain Commissioner in charge of the work of the. It can be seen that the importance of how new sites in the short term to obtain quality Links, friendship in exchange should pay attention to what, summarized from the following points:

from the beginning of the three page of the first filter which is the most suitable to negotiate links, filtering requires attention from the following points:

The 3. see

keyword search is used to search your site first, and relevant keywords in the search engine, so as to get links, generally do Links, as far as possible to find and their site theme related or similar industry to do, this website weight to your ascension is of great help, if looking for and its Web site to exchange ho irrelevant, the effect is not so obvious, sometimes, but also have a negative impact. For example: I do Shanghai Longfeng class site, search Shanghai dragon Related words as below.


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