n the website optimization over a fatal error you still have

we finally said that under the site excessive optimization problem, namely, the website is long-term operation >

today we will talk about some problems of excessive site optimization, website optimization over everybody said this is more sensitive, to optimize the website, little attention will cause excessive website optimization, which is the most difficult thing for you, in fact, as long as the master key to avoid excessive site optimization it can be very good to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the most fear is more eager to optimize some new sites will eventually backfire on the website optimization this thing can not be anxious, need to have enough patience and confidence to deal with, if the site optimization excessive, then we must first do a detailed analysis from the station, when the site was K, the most common mistakes are the following:

The weight of A little more than


if I ask you now to search engines outside the chain of high value? You would have said before, but this does not mean we should give up the optimization of the site outside the chain, the chain about this is the most prone to excessive optimization, we have a little attention, the website will be plucked. If we can not be normal and stable development of external links, then it will cause the website optimization excessive, as we all know, now in the expansion of the chain, a lot of people are beginning to pay attention to the high quality of the chain expanded (if you’re all spam chain, then feel shy. I can’t help you), if the site in a certain period of time the chain floating is too large will surely lead to the search engine’s vigilance, so we must avoid as far as possible the chain number fluctuated, a single chain, the chain quality is not high phenomenon, a high quality of the chain over the top one hundred garbage outside the chain, I believe that we have to smell it, but one thing is true, rather fine nor quantity, especially in the early stage of the new station, don’t add too much outside the chain, the chain growth in the growth rate in order to maintain a stable uniform trend, can be soft in some high weight platform contributors, such as A5, from the media platform, the platform can be soft Wen promotion is very good, also can be very good to increase website weight, last note is to make each page of the web site of the weight evenly divided Distribution, so as to promote the whole website promotion.

above the long winded, but I do not have to say the next sentence is useful, as we all know, what is it? Yes, is the site keywords excessive optimization problem, this problem is the highest frequency, the phenomenon of excessive optimization is also the most prone to the new station, has been earnestly not caused by keyword, but there is still a lot of the emergence of a large number of keywords in the site knowingly violate, station, resulting in high density by keyword search engine punishment, on the question of how much we have about the density of smelly, is still 2% -8%, you can use some third party tools to detect, in the home should pay attention to the number of deployed keywords keywords appear, to avoid the occurrence of keywords the phenomenon of accumulation.

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