Novices can two months will Wuhan Shanghai dragon sent home

wants to be a qualified staff of Shanghai Longfeng one to have, that is the ability to learn knowledge from the internet. Perhaps the early in the site.

you ask Shanghai dragon predecessors what we need to do a novice, they will answer you with almost the same answer, first built a blog. Yes, I have listened to the suggestion, made a related blog named Wuhan Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Long Fenghu yang. At first, have been using the wordpress blog or Z-blog, later found out that my choice is wise, that is to use wordpress. The blog is indeed a novice learning methods, Shanghai dragon, because in the process, you will encounter a lot of problems before you did not know, but we need to grow in the process of solving these problems, after all, practice.


the following simple talk about my growing experience, apply to everyone, see you have perseverance. In order to know Shanghai dragon in this industry, also as far as possible in order to save money, I spent a few days, a large collection of articles A5, Chinaz, why several Shanghai Longfeng authoritative website and original posts, especially the essence. After collecting also need patience and consolidation, the article read, understand the overall meaning, then this article summed up the central idea, delete redundant words, is simply to extract the essence of the article. As for search engine technology is the need for confidentiality, clear standard is not possible in the Shanghai dragon in this industry, which is good which is not good, so we need to find the correct answer as far as possible from these articles, screened from the point of view in the most feasible way to win a few.

some people may feel to spend so much time to organize other people’s articles meaningful? Hu Yang would like to say is of great significance. First, for a novice to learn a profession, the fastest way to understand the authoritative website of this industry, and the website is the core of the article, the focus of the article lies in the point of view, more important is that these views have been veteran of years of work experience in the audit. There is no doubt that these articles that we quickly understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a good window.


extracted from the excellent Shanghai dragon in the first for us to think outside but also to do what? Select a few views close to the sentence, and then use their own language together is a good article, and which will not a short and can be published as a post. Too good

why did you say that I am a novice, in more than two months ago, I didn’t know what is the Shanghai dragon. But under pressure, because the university days I really too tired, I need to go, I need to do what I love to do, but the mixing time of day brother, of course now that my choice is correct, do a real Shanghai dragon.

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