Overview of data analysis and understanding of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon flow

For example,

Shanghai dragon is a very mature industry, can refer to the information is very limited, most of the things to explore through the data, and the process of exploration, can often reveal the past by intuition not aware of the truth. So sometimes data for Shanghai dragon is very cruel, often a simple data can negate a number of years of hard work.

collection can be subdivided: included quantity *

(the popular Shanghai dragon books, spent a lot of space to write examples of a website analysis and operation but the site of the Shanghai dragon flow is very low, did not see much effect. Because although there are a large number of "analysis", it is in no sense data.

is often let me help briefly in Shanghai Longfeng related data analysis to do, even expected to crash a few hours. But this may not cover too much, does not have to be in two words or three, where simple generalization.

and grab, its bottleneck according to circumstances, may be the time of grasping the cap, cap, is likely to grab the total pages may be capped. All have a different approach, need to add data to different index.

The ultimate goal of

so, sometimes hear people say "Shanghai dragon is dead, and I often say" Shanghai dragon haven’t lived ", is not a bit exaggerated.

= crawl page qualityFor example, Through this method similar to

is to generate revenue for Shanghai Longfeng site, so there are two core indicators: transformation and flow.

How to start learning The

take the most common example, Shanghai Longfeng flow is how the composition? Most people think it is propped up by the popular keywords, or that a large number of popular keywords are propped up, so that the popular word ranking up flow will certainly rise, but not. For most of the larger sites, most of Shanghai Longfeng traffic is extremely long tail word love Shanghai can not see the index. So even with a big effort to do a popular word ranking, their contribution to traffic is still very limited.

traffic can be divided: flow rate = * * click rate included ranking * search volume


data analysis

some people may think that this unbelievable, because never seen such data. But this data is only through analysis of the original website to log the conclusion, and the noble baby Analytics such a very low sampling rate statistical system can not see such data. Not to mention even skilled GA Shanghai dragon is also very little, so the flow of Shanghai Longfeng truth is almost never seen.

, from the final data index (conversion, flow) can be gradually subdivided into dozens of hundreds of data indicators, these indicators are useful, because their numerical changes, it will eventually affect the transformation or flow.

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