The medical website how to dig deep love Shanghai traffic

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optimizationExcept for platform release

: Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai for promotion can get fast and accurate flow of a website, contact the target customers with. But there are also some great disadvantages: one is due to the intense competition, directly lead to high medical term bidding unit; the other one is in love with sea breeze nest system IP address restrictions only to the province, but not accurate to the city, the direct result of the invalid access to a large field of city, commonly known as burn. So, in addition to bid, medical websites should be how to promote




Xicihutong, Xicihutong weight is very high, and users can self discuss version >

58, 58 day each column can be free to send an article, need to review, but generally by


keyword is usually refers to a web page title with keywords, medical website title is "the name of the hospital attending + category + attending disease name" to the name, in the case of www.***贵族宝贝, its home page title for the "Fuzhou Air Force hospital, Fuzhou best gynecological hospital maternity center, 476 Hospital of Fuzhou general hospital. Fuzhou painless cervical erosion, Fuzhou".


as you can see, the long tail word love Shanghai top 4 are 4 different platforms, information publishing platform, also has a quiz platform, from here we can see, there are many long tail keywords on websites to make up, but we can through this platform, because the medical class the IP website is not its ultimate goal, in line with the patient of customers is the ultimate goal, so if we can capture these keywords information publishing platform ranking, the effect is the same.

introduces several platforms:

two: all kinds of

refers to the long tail keywords according to user habits, intelligent extension obtained by words, for some key words such as: Fuzhou analgesia stream of people, standing in the position of the user, we usually think of: Fuzhou analgesia stream of people how much money, Fuzhou analgesia stream of people hospital, Fuzhou analgesia stream of people which hospital is good, Fuzhou analgesia stream of people which is cheap… These words there will be a lot of, usually, this kind of word of the competition will be much smaller than the main keywords. So, how to dig more accurate keywords is heavy in Shanghai dragon.

, Shanghai dragon is the most direct method of ranking optimization. The more high ranking, the more likely to get a more accurate flow, get the user more easily also recognized, display quantity can also have more chance to get the hospital brand. The main is divided into two main points: the main keywords and long tail keywords.

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