How to determine the content of repetitive search engine

with a simple words, the search engine’s resources are limited, and the user’s demand is infinite. A large number of duplicate content consume valuable resources of search engine, so from the point of view of cost must be processed to duplicate content.

two, the search engine has duplicate content which forms

Repeated collection of

search engine is the most valued thing, only deal with duplicate content, the presence of more useful information presented to the user, the user can buy it.

, a search engine why actively deal with duplicate content

4, improve the user experience

1, save the crawling, indexing, content analysis of space and time


, only 3 of similar content.

1, the format and content are similar. This situation is more common in the electricity supplier website, steal phenomenon meet the eye everywhere.

three, search engine how to determine the content of

3, repetition frequency can be used as excellent contentSince the

2, helps to avoid duplicate contentFrom

do stand so long to feel the most is the original article in the search engine more and more important in the eyes. I’m responsible for several enterprises station of Shanghai Longfeng daily optimization, one station had daily IP in two thousand or three thousand, due to a certain period of time the content of the website quality, lead to site is down right, long tail keywords flow suddenly to a half, half site traffic is poor. I work with the original site, now good performance gradually stabilized. In this "content is king" era, the website wants to have a good performance in the search engine, it must be hard on the content.

? 2, only a format similar to But many people

1, the general principle is the basic judgment by comparing each page. Although this method can find out the repeat content, but the disadvantage is the need to consume a large amount of resources, the operation speed.

4, the format and content of each part is similar. This is usually more common, especially the type of enterprise website.

In fact, this is the

? repeat?Digital fingerprint of

Shanghai Longfeng deep, lasting construction keep the original content is not an easy thing. So, pseudo original plagiarism is the webmaster have all kinds of tricks used, these methods really effective or self deception? Today I will share the search engine for duplicate content determine knowledge.


have been identified and collected content summarize most consistent with the user’s query intent information, which can improve the efficiency, also can avoid repeated collection of duplicate content.

search engine to identify duplicate content also can more effectively identify what is original, high-quality, repeat the lower frequency of original quality content is higher.

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