Novice to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems need to pay attention to the station

search engine is currently through some relevant content identification flash, Javascript data, but it is recommended that you should not use these to display the page important content or links. After all, the search engine can not like to read the accurate recognition of text content. So for the important content of the page or recommend the use of text to display.

5. to minimize the use of frame and iframe frame structure

2. full use of web page or channel home page description tag

6. reduces the number of parameters and the dynamic web page length

a lot of people do not know how to do when the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, led directly to the station can not do it, or for a long time without any changes, and give yourself a website conceived for a long time. So the novice do stand, in the end what to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? And the need to pay attention to what problem? Here is my personal experience to share Optimization:

page, the search engine is unable to read the contents, which eventually led to the content is not included in the search engine crawling the page key word. This is your own content unless you don’t want to search engine crawling, you can take the frame structure, it is recommended that you must not do this.

often know to add captions to the new page when doing the station, it ignored the "right". As the title page must be through keyword analysis, refined statement contains the page core keywords reasonable distribution down. This is helpful to users and search engines to quickly understand the web page content.

The navigation and structure of 3. distinct

we all know too long URLs, especially dynamic URL contains many parameters >.

need to pay attention to the new Shanghai dragon optimization problems and needs of Shanghai Longfeng optimization content:


provides the outline for the web content, help users and search engines and web site to strengthen the understanding of your. But often ignored by people, even feel meaningless, not directly add the content. You know Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not just competing on the search engine optimization, more important is to optimize the user experience.

Add the appropriate title for each page

to set clear navigation and hierarchical structure for the web site, we need to analyze the job in advance of keywords, after picking out the right keywords, appropriate allocation. This is not only convenient for users to browse the web, but also help the search engines crawl the web content, more conducive to transfer the weights of the page.

4. try not to use flash and Javascript to display important content or links

Although the Using frame and iframe framework of

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