Shanghai dragon is no longer fight technology but to fight operations in the

The last time Albert

interviewed 100 Ge Shanghai dragon world famous teacher ZAC, he heard of Shanghai dragon explained I have deep feelings, Shanghai dragon is not only in the fight technology. Because with the Shanghai dragon more knowledge and learn to believe in the ZAC spectrum, Shanghai dragon era, information is poor in comparison. At that time, people are more love to share, a year they founded the SEO forum not for anything else, just to share, and later became a banner of Shanghai Longfeng community. Just then they are busy with their careers, no one care forum is deserted. Which is like this era, an era of information explosion, the knowledge of many of you do not know who should believe, and the search engine is more and more open, such as the China search engine leader love Shanghai is now slowly to open the. Issued a search engine guide 1 and 2, Shanghai dragon correctly guide the webmaster better, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, complaint channels, although not very good, but all too slowly.


website is not a simple Shanghai dragon, that is a big topic, including website operation analysis, website traffic monitoring target user behavior research, daily update and website content editing, network marketing planning and promotion etc.. If the core of Shanghai dragon website, then everything else is around, if such a point of view, the success of a website is not only a Shanghai dragon, but a whole website. All these are closely related, complementary relationship. Do Shanghai dragon people will take Shanghai dragon as the core, we have to talk about the view of Web site operators. First talk about the analysis of website, Shanghai Longfeng analysis website, before the analysis of website is mainly the analysis of so few, the chain, included, PR, content quality etc.. These are some of the visible data, but also face the influence factors of the web site keywords ranking, these are visible, but if once to fight operations when it is completely different.

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all the technical stuff as ZAC said, technology is more and more transparent, that is to say you know what I know about. Unless you have search engine, the core algorithm, and get some cattle X or are the same situation you want to win the competition is not easy. If all the same technology that would spell content, see who is content to do better, the content is not live, live is creative. This is a bit of talent in composition, not simply learn to be able to learn it, of course, this is only the case of person to person. Now the Shanghai dragon marketing has long past personal webmaster era, came to a running time, we fight is the website operation means. Web site operators feel that is similar with SEM, so the Shanghai dragon must turn to er.

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