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many people will care about love, whether Shanghai can avoid dropping many malicious clicks, my answer is "not optimistic". This is according to the analysis of 55 visitors love Shanghai for promotion account of the results of the data. I use a superposition of two analysis, interpretation of data:

, what is the malicious click

three, Shanghai is in good faith for love "to prevent malicious click"


to clarify the "malicious click", and "invalid clicks" must come to understand. "Malicious click" refers to their no procurement requirements, but deliberately fell in love with the sea search and click on the keywords to malicious behavior consumption competitors advertising. "Invalid clicks" refers to the love sea search and click on the keywords users, click all behavior is not the intention of customers, both intentional and unintentional. Therefore, the "malicious click" is a kind of belongs to the "invalid clicks", but it is a kind of hurt advertising the biggest waste of "love Shanghai users".

two, love Shanghai whether there is malicious click


as loyal users love Shanghai auction, as Internet marketing practitioners, as 55 visitors to the responsible person of the company, I think it is time to write this article.

has been a lot of companies are in consultation with me about internet marketing problems, half of them are about love and Shanghai for advertising, I have given a lot of fragmented answer, today I will take this opportunity to talk about the system of.

love Shanghai as the largest search engine company, will consider the long-term development, so it should be a sincere effort to develop fair rules of the game, as far as possible to let advertising effect for promotion enterprise actual, to achieve the long-term goal of common development. The core of Shanghai efforts in the direction of love, is how to make the rules, "let a user, you consume only once the advertising expenses". The present judgment, whether the user is the same person, mainly by the MAC address and IP address "joint judgment," MAC address "refers to a computer," IP address "refers to a network environment, as long as there is a repetition, as the same person, no billing. So, it can be understood as a company all computer search and click, only once the cost; a computer search and click in the company or at home, only a fee.

to do?

love Shanghai there must be "invalid clicks", such as the research on peer competitors, or downstream companies looking for partners, will fall in love with the sea search and click on the keyword, consumption to advertising, but not to buy. However, these invalid clicks, whether there is subjective consciousness of "malicious click", it depends on the user click on the original intention.

four, Shanghai in the end how much love to prevent malicious click


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