The advantages and disadvantages of the construction site outside the chain increased sharply

for a new station for a day, increase 5-10 chain is enough, if a time increases too much the chain, the spider will think this site cheating, which lead to site is down right. A new weight is normal, but there are so many outside the chain of high weight, the spider will think that is not normal. So the increase in the frequency of the chain to keep pace with the change of the spider.

as the saying goes: one can’t eat a fat man. Your own site outside the chain of a time increase, spiders can’t eat that.


method is also used by bloggers often said that the chain, but found a week down, the effect of the chain is the site, but also out of the question. The website snapshot from the previous snapshot to the present correction, also included a lot less. For a new station, I just go to the chain, the website content did not keep up with. The chain weights are also very high, the increase in the number of many, the stability is also very good, but the chain has increased dramatically and there is not much effect to the site. Here is not to say that the construction of the chain will cause the site to drop right, just outside the chain increased sharply, will only bring to website malpractice.

Drawbacks of

chain increased Liduan: new online website content construction, the construction should take into account the chain, now the construction of the chain is also a lot of bloggers, do not say specific method. The increase of the chain will give the weight of the website have the benefits, new spider unable to determine the weight of the website, the website can only judge from the weight of the chain, if the construction of the chain you are some weight high website, for example: love Shanghai, Sina, and other large chain Tianya website, through the transmission of the spider the weight will determine the weight of your site.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" has been ingrained in the webmaster heart, search engine algorithm indeed attaches great importance to the construction of the chain, the new station is just on the line, the optimization of the chain may become the first webmaster affairs, the webmaster want their new site outside the chain can increase sharply webmaster, have not thought about the increase of the chain will bring what disadvantages. Kedeng bloggers share advantages and disadvantages under the construction of the chain increased dramatically and you.

increase in the chain construction site: the improvement of the content, to start the construction of the chain webmaster optimization scheme, impatient owners want to the construction of the chain increased sharply, the weight of the chain to the site with the help, but he did not think this will bring to the site defects. The blogger recently in the chain construction of the German data, this is also a deep understanding.

webmaster will also submit to his new navigation site, is the weight of the high site navigation station included, presumably this spider judgment website weight is very high. Some owners will have their own resources to increase the single form to the new station, single chain sprocket type is good to improve the site weight effect. At the same time, the construction of the chain weight of the high site, good stability, for the website keywords ranking is also very helpful.

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