Shanghai Longfeng electric car combat 1

2, making sitemap.txt, the current URL path are arranged in the main document, submitted to love Shanghai.


5, because of the large amount of data, in order to facilitate the love Shanghai grab, RE development of the site map function instead of sitemap.txt, adding Sitemap in the robots.txt file, the new data will be generated every day in Sitemap.

AKD luxury cars mall

1, the new Shanghai love crawling less, the release of large amounts of data at a time, love Shanghai to react, still need to take more appropriate content gradually released, such as some enterprises must all products are released on the website in the line, can be considered by the nofollow tag or robots.txt control, love Shanghai included content, every day to continue to release data love Shanghai included.

love cooking has always been a station engaged in business promotion, just have the opportunity to operate millions of data business website, hope that through this whole operation details [live electric cars], so that we can have a concept of large sites to experience Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon chicken essence from the case.

( on the line before the data included 1 records: love Shanghai, old domain name, web site data of more than 200 thousand (imported from various sources) every natural flow of 10 thousand IP, PV15 million.

1, submit love Shanghai webmaster, hand on multiple URL submission.

3, on each page, add love to Shanghai to share code.

this paper records the problems of "love Shanghai for one-time large amounts of content, what would be the reaction?", "love Shanghai for new sites included how long it will return to normal?", "love Shanghai for the new ranking will be?", "the website of Shanghai Longfeng from scratch, how long tail keywords will flow?"

began to soft Wen Xuan Wen (containing the URL), all the chain is basically a large portal, reach quality chain effect.

this time I have to use what method, we can refer to the following details.

The same day 4, Before

submitted to August 2nd, in Shanghai to see the 48 owners love index, see love Shanghai visits have been close to 500 times through the log.

automotive supplier in Shanghai Longfeng operation summary

July 14, 2014 submit love Shanghai, before using the robots.txt banned included, have online testing over a period of time.

2, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools crawl diagnosis love Shanghai grab is normal, observe every web log, love Shanghai specific crawling data, such as a directory page, grab, grab the number of access times, etc., if the web log normal display data, if collected every day is not normal, can wait.

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