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Tilte is a website which we Shanghai Longfeng personnel in building site at the beginning should want to how to write, what word, believe each Shanghai dragon staff spent a lot of time in doing station. But you have the right to write to the Tilte web site keywords, keywords, description of the contents? Website keyword density had everyone in that two percent to eight percent, but this must be suitable for your site density? This depends on your site condition and decide, after all, each site are not the same, so the A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team to remind you specific site specific treatment, do not just stare at the death theory, reasonable Tilte can well improve website ranking.

chain is within their link to the content of the web site to your site inside pages, and we all know the website internal link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. In the role of the chain is the chain effect is small, the structure of the site is composed of an inner chain composition, therefore, do not despise A5, Shanghai dragon group recommends your diagnosis and optimization and reasonable arrangement of internal links, anchor text link station is an important factor in the website keywords ranking, the first time the target keyword do a anchor text point to the home page, the weight can effectively improve the site’s home page, but also can improve the website keywords ranking. The same good directional anchor text between articles and articles that can effectively improve the website page weight and keywords ranking. The anchor text between reasonable section and section of articles and articles is a reasonable allocation of internal site weights, an effective way to improve these. Maybe we all know, but also hope and we can exchange together.

site navigation role I do not say, we are also very clear, but in this or >

Within the station optimization chain

navigation station optimization

I believe

want to improve their website ranking in addition to stand outside optimization, but the key is to optimize internal website, dialectical relationship, which is why we often say that the internal and external causes such as: a dying patient, such as medical ethics, good doctor, but also has good medical equipment and necessary drugs, it may be saved, if there is life; irresponsible, skill is not high and the lack of necessary quack, medical conditions, patients may die. But if the patient has been regarded as hopeless., no matter how the skill of the doctor, no matter what the patient does not have a ready-made panacea, the possibility of regeneration. From this example we can see that the emergence, development and extinction of things are a combination of internal and external causes and results, therefore, the website ranking is also by the station outside the station and the result of the joint action of A5, Shanghai dragon group (Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝 diagnosis and optimization.Admin5贵族宝贝/) to discuss how to do well in the station optimization.


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