Shanghai Longfeng debate blog can become a weapon to build online brand practitioners

as an optimization personnel, I think most are grassroots or is the grass root level, and in our case of insufficient resources with the help of Shanghai Longfeng blog to create personal online brand is one of the most simple and effective way of benefits. Considering the actual situation as Shanghai dragon Er, our advantage is that you can do it yourself to enhance the flow of the blog. But we also need to pay attention to a problem to build a personal online brand and can not be said to have only enough traffic, said the popular point: no matter what platform you need a lot of the show, we can see Lu Songsong’s blog, although Lou loose blog now already very famous, but we are still you can always see his shadow in the A5, he can often be seen in the journal article on A5. At the same time, we also see that we need to introduce excellent articles often, imagine when the news source of these articles were included to love Shanghai, if I can see you write articles often in Shanghai news, so I think you can let a person remember all difficult. Of course, in this article we will properly reflect their own personal brand, that we can in the beginning or end where appropriate "zibaojiamen" on it.


Affirmative view:

blog can be said to have Shanghai dragon is very rampant, we can search for a city name plus Shanghai Longfeng, such as Fuzhou Shanghai dragon, you can find several pages of blog information. Shanghai dragon Pu with no ground for blame, and more and more attention, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners army is growing, also followed the growth of blog. As an optimization personnel most people establish Shanghai dragon blog is very obvious as to it to build a personal brand, because personal brand will affect Shanghai Longfeng orders. Shanghai dragon may not have a few do not know ZAC blog, the blog of Lu Songsong, so we have to learn to like these blogs to build their own online brand and the establishment of Shanghai dragon blog? We may have different views, have agreed to, or against, so if this is the case, let us have a debate.


do what thing to seize the opportunity, especially in the Internet industry, we can now see Shanghai dragon blog has reached epidemic situation, personal blog Shanghai dragon too much, the competition is too big. And a lot of Shanghai Longfeng no modesty of blog, casually set up a blog on the Shanghai Longfeng Da Lala touted itself as Shanghai Longfeng expert. This blog has been dizzying. Personal online orders > Shanghai Dragon



Zac blog, Lu Songsong blog is using Shanghai dragon blog to get online personal brand of living example. This shows that with the help of Shanghai dragon blog personal branding is entirely feasible, this is for some of the grassroots grassroots Shanghai dragon to build the best channel visibility.

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