Within the site chain optimization problem of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere do

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spider crawling to our website page, it will think to link anchor text is the anchor text explanation. Such as the guardian of Yuan Kun in an article in the word Shanghai dragon add a link, the spider will think this link is the word of Shanghai Longfeng interpretation. If the add anchor text too much, directly to the spider a consciousness: you this article the interpretation of the content is too much, this content is not too deep, people could understand. The user needs is the popularization of knowledge. So many times the same article, link with the less included in the faster, the better ranking. (if you should have found on the Sina blog, with anchor text articles included soon)

: to update the article in the chain link anchor text is best not more than three.

for webmaster friends, how to better operation site is of great concern to everyone. There is a very important way for web site operators, it is through the search engine traffic. So there is a search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon. See a problem in Search ask today: for a new website, when setting the rules in the chain, the number of generated within the chain is not the more the better? In the post content, the chain is in the automatic generation system, or add the original artificial? There are still many webmaster friends of the chain to the problem a wait-and-see attitude, basically at a loss.

site within the chain we should do, like a friend suggested, when setting the chain rules, the number of the chain formation is not better? This is certainly wrong. As a webmaster everyone should have heard of the chain in the anchor text is best not more than three. If interested friends can look at the guardian before an article written by Yuan Kun: update the content when you really know how to add anchor text. For the second problem, the chain is in the automatic generating system of good or good artificial additives. For a personal blog web site, if the site content updates slow, less update website, added the best target keywords link. For a large site, may be appropriate to add some system generation. According to the site within the chain webmaster friends should do the guardian, Kunming has the following suggestions.

website needs to add in chain anchor text, then the site which words should do the chain in the anchor text? Believe webmaster friends do not understand their own words to do anchor text. Or just by virtue of their feelings to add anchor text. For this problem, the guardian Yuan Kun suggested: the website can do some within the chain of brand word, name of the website, website core keywords. These are the foundation of the site within the chain. Then, should try to do column page keywords, extended website industry, business related keywords. In the late should mainly by the long tail word. For most web sites, brand words can bring certain flow, but the column page keywords, industry words of competition is relatively large, so the long tail word should be the main source of traffic entrance. >

two: the website which words should do within the chain anchor text


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