How to improve the three kinds of common keywords ranking


Keywords The research and optimization of the

keyword is the webmaster has been of great concern, it is the pursuit of the keywords diligently ranking, if the web site keywords ranking is not ideal, so the webmaster will be sleepless nights, will try to improve the site keywords ranking. Therefore, following on from the A5 Shanghai dragon group to diagnosis and optimization and we talk about how to improve the three kinds of common


is obtained by the A5 experience of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team through practice, including in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic tests on customer site, found that many customers pay more attention to this kind of words are not enough, these keywords have not done too much optimization, the ranking is poor, the conversion rate is is not high, therefore, the A5 station network of Shanghai Dragon Team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng.Html) through a comprehensive diagnosis of the customer site after the formation of.

this kind of keywords neither buy nor the desire to search specific sites, such as: "the way to lose weight, beautiful pictures, this kind of word search engine accounted for a lot of traffic, is at least 80% or more, this kind of word is a variety of user search, how the combination has, users are just in a understand the needs of the state, want to know more information, this kind of keywords is the key site of the long tail, how to rank web traffic, it depends on the type of keywords and you of such keyword mining situation.

navigation refers to the user in the search for a particular site, he actually wanted to know which website, just don’t remember. Or to enter the URL, so directly enter the product name in the search engine, in the front row is the general users to find the website. If your brand has been played out, then search this kind of word users will have a lot of it, the search volume is also very impressive, if the search keywords appear official website navigation is not you, but your competitors, and then you have to strengthen the work site, but for this type of navigation keywords ranking, strengthen external links and the anchor text is the main method.


this keyword refers to the user with an obvious purchase intention search, certain commodity prices and the like, when the user in the search of these words, obviously they have the urge to buy, perhaps only in consideration of some problems in, did not hesitate to resolve it, but the general case that is the basic user has decided to buy, just looking for reliable sellers, if able to attract such customers, so the conversion rate is very high. Therefore, so when the keyword research is to put it in the first position, can consider to do special optimization, in order to improve the keywords ranking.



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