Love map of Shanghai to play what role in website optimization

Figure 3 As shown in figure


#p# page title #e#

2 area, the degree of competition area word was relatively small, plus the word search site in the first 3 pages

贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon yaojie贵族宝贝/news/yunying/235.html, interested can see, when this is now difficult to optimize the surprise, I hope to help everyone.

Figure 2


can be seen from this case, any user experience good operation, is conducive to the optimization of the rankings, Shanghai love will give you the website of unexpected surprises, so see this article the novice webmaster, can go to the site for you to submit the love map of Shanghai.

This paper from the Figure 1

1 the company has released the recruitment information in 58, and fair online, through the enterprise certification of enterprises, regularly updated

3 the website user experience is love Shanghai recognized

4 company information relatively transparent, love Shanghai trust


, search for Wuhan network promotion, the site is still ranked in the third page, but because there is a love map of Shanghai, see the company’s information can be clearly marked in the first, the specific location, in fact, this is not accidental, if no operation, any one person will Shanghai dragon I believe that the sky will have a pie child thing, cause analysis as follows:

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