n order to enhance the user experience oriented to Shanghai dragon ripe

can attract users in the first visit to remain high frequency of access to the site, are often able to provide real help for users, such as abundant information or other types of material, which can not only enrich the information content management team in the webmaster or keep continually updated, let users find love and the value of the site, the site gradually increased trust and dependence, thus maintaining high frequency access, Zhuang Da Zhong user group. This >

second, to enhance the user experience to provide rich and fresh information content to the user.

there is a view that: Shanghai dragon is purely around the search engine, the indexes of the website, from the program of the design to the content of the final column to the outside of the chain and other aspects in the search engine as the center, so as to enhance the site in the search engine evaluation system weights, get good rankings with the collection etc.. However, I have a different opinion, pure around the search engine of Shanghai dragon lost the core meaning of website optimization, the optimization result is only short-term effect, but not for long, so we need to let the Shanghai dragon back to basics, to maximize the value of.

The birth of the Shanghai dragon

website, let users can visit the website to obtain the desired information at the same time, can clearly find the category or section on the website, which requires our owners to use stable and efficient programs, while the program also has the characteristics of clear structure, simple structure, which not only to help the users to use the website to get information, but also to let search engine to safeguard stability in the grab site content, but also get web content classification clear structure, enhanced grasping effect.

first, to enhance the user experience to enhance the stability and usability of the website program.

The In order to ensure the stable operation of the

is to make every aspect of the site, including the said program optimization, programs and content arrangement, the construction of the external links are to maximize the need for search engines, in accordance with their preferences and grasping features. However, at the same time it also should pay attention to the user experience, and carry out the premise of promoting the user experience under the. Do the optimization of search engine website does not mean you have to sacrifice the user experience. On the contrary, if we insist on improving the user experience, the site optimization to enhance the user experience for the wizard, then optimize the effectiveness of Shanghai dragon also will follow.

user experience even if the design and operation of the site around the user access to information, enhance the usability and stability, information rich web content, fresh and unique content preserving, help users get more information through the website of similar sites and so on, so that they can play the site for the user value. Let the user get the feedback value and practical through the website. Therefore, to enhance the user experience in the following several aspects, at the same time can receive the actual effect of optimization.


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