f the Mayans predicted reliable keyword ranking firmly on the front page

in the era of change, all walks of life are also advancing, the Internet weaving is no exception, I believe, in the search box just knock some words ranking optimization problem, tens of thousands of Posts Pumianerlai, and most of the content is monotonous, like: write original articles, blog, more carefully B2B, classification of network, each big forum on post. These methods are not used, the answer is yes, but the effect is not as good as before, so we want to find out why, first of all, the love of Shanghai within the chain, the chain is given a certain position, just focusing on new ideas. We come:

most of the time we have overlooked some details not worth mentioning, and often depends on the outcome of these small details, after all these routine search engines every webmaster around it. A careful look for our leak fill; then find each other’s advantages, learn from. Simply put, each station in the station layout, within the chain, the chain were checked, the specified has some shortcomings, the Gaga, the minus, suits Baidu spider tastes good.

believes that the past year is cruel and cold for a year, June, August, November, this number was stung every webmaster heart, have to say the Maya reliable, 2012 for the webmaster is really a disaster, fortunately, this year will be the past, is about to usher in a new spring. But we can’t have regrets about this year stay, must be a summary at the end of the year, for our children to warm through this cold winter this season.

, the details determine success or failure

two, the new old sing

original articles, but not everyone can focus on this, but as long as there is a soft paper that rise above the common herd, if you There is much fineness in the day’s work is anti chain, write pseudo original, do blog, I tell you, what are you this day don’t do, concentrate on tap for original articles, between the lines are sincere in place, and for the reader can play a role, but also a personal viewpoint. Good article not afraid of people, as long as there are people reading has a wide spread opportunity. Credibility is to rely on accumulated time >

so without further ado, let’s guess the end of love in Shanghai recently love big action, constantly refresh the new content of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, from the pharmaceutical industry to improve the combat, love Shanghai tools can be said that this year the mother also worked hard, in order to improve the user experience, not only to fight 360 to punish illegal station, then, the next step how to go? At the end of each industry is active, this is the outcome, the more intense the more we should be calm, step by step, do not have to act with undue haste, as long as every step steady go, believe that there is a space for one person on the Internet platform the.

The original

1.It is self-evident importance of

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