Teach you how to analyze web site user loyalty

to see whether their website user loyalty can through the statistical tools in customer loyalty can be learned, but rival user loyalty to your website is to match the statistical data? In fact, even can not see the statistical tools of data, we can also according to the web site in each of the number of visits can be learned now, click on the most like personal blog article browsing number, comment number and so on will be displayed, so for our analysis of the web site visits it can provide a quick and easy way to

dream of every webmaster want a site every day to visit the site, after all, this site can be seen from the surface of web presence is quite valuable for the user, but on the other hand it can be seen that the user dependence on the website is very strong, if the user does not love website, naturally not two times, three times or even several times to visit. So, whether for user loyalty is how the reaction site user experience. Today I talk about several methods of analysis of the web site user loyalty:

web site

through the comments the number of the most reaction site user loyalty, of course, if you don’t stop yourself through the registration vest to improve the comment number, that I have nothing to say. In the normal case, owners do not want their blog comments are mostly from his vest. Conversely, through the website in the comments of natural numbers can know the user of the site appears when the user is satisfied, satisfied with the natural site would not be so easy to produce the so-called one-time users. This also shows that the website user experience is good. Nature can satisfy the users web site, users will not abandon the two visit? So, webmaster analysis of the web site user loyalty can be a combination of quantity and quality of the user on the site leave comments, of course, in order to promote the comments can be ignored in the.

said most of the pages such as a blog click Browse number remained at five thousand people / times, so that the natural blog is very popular, and owners in the analysis of the web site visits, do not underestimate some simple data easy to appear in their own eyes, often through these data more easily know that visits the opponent, the average through long-term observation of the website traffic, how can the natural that the opponent customer loyalty.


analysis of the website comment number

in the popular event, will produce a vote, such as a small giant retired at most of the sites are held a vote to allow users to express their thoughts and opinions. But now many websites have paid special attention to this one vote, because the vote can make tube >

analysis of the overall traffic


analysis of the overall evaluation of the web site user

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