The case site is K or drop right back in two ways

three, 301 redirect the old domain name of the new domain

do not know what causes, how to solve it? The problem is so simple, why get so complicated, many webmaster love to webmaster forum to ask questions, certainly some would say that your website is sure how, that many factors, is the most common Title: frequent revision, content collection, group chain, rare issue is the search engine itself, it can only wait for recovery, know what is the cause of the punishment, the problem is quite simple, the title is the most frequent modification of the new station, a new station on the line just what weight, you do that, the search engine must have suspected, it is best to wait for the site to have a certain weight in the modified content acquisition have added some original high content, the mass of the chain will be artificial by the amount of time to send Cloth.



this method is actually pretty good, the new domain name in the search engine database without any information, is a new thing, and the new domain name didn’t what weight, the old domain has a certain weight, when a network.

is the reason for the right to be reduced

, a website analysis by K or

two, waiting for site restoration

site is K or be reduced the right to do? This problem is very common, but also many webmaster very love mistakes, saying no is search engine K is not good, which is not the website K several times before stable living rankings, to find out the reasons from the failure, in the end we offend the search engine what rules? Love Shanghai search guide has been written very clearly, in a formal way to optimize, would not be just to punish a website, unless you cheat, is punished, many people ask how to restore K or drop the right website? What are the specific performance? I have to go through their own case to explain it:

site is down right hair is the removal of most of the forum character signature, such as: A5 webmaster, behind a series of character signature inside text links one-time clearance, caused by search engine punishment, forum signature quality is low, is also very easy to lose, but there is a role for the author. Often in the A5 submission, increasing the number of the high quality of the chain, so we don’t get rid of a text link.

this is the benzene, there is no way in the way, the website is in many cases was drop right or K directly thrown in there not to respond, occasionally update content, is not very frequent, and the extra time to do other things, not necessarily to restore the site to be successful, perhaps longer time, the website is almost a month before the automatic recovery, during what has not released outside the chain, will occasionally update the article, also is not very frequent, to a period of time will not manage, later the website automatically resume included, please see below:

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