Shanghai dragon search optimization silly face noble baby give up PageRank

in recent years, the noble baby has gradually fade PageRank concepts, such as the Chrome browser is not shown, search the console to cancel this project in 2009, Open Directory website also closed in 2010 2011, and stopped the noble Firefox baby toolbar.

noble baby confirmed, will stop the publicly available PageRank, which means that any baby gets from the nobility and display of PageRank data, the browser toolbar, soon there is no longer any data.

PageRank was born on 2000, in a specific algorithm for web page ranking, scoring range 0-10 (better), allowing users to intuitively understand the value level ", but also gave birth to the huge Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) underground industry, make a lot of useless web pages can also get high marks.

At present,

in fact, noble baby for several years no update PageRank algorithm and results.

in the future, the noble baby will completely abandon PageRank in public, will only keep doing internal use.

can be used to directly query the PageRank toolbar, the browser is not much, only the basic IE noble baby toolbar, but most of the time is also useless.

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