A5 marketing five reasons of the original enterprise website is down right or not ranking

said the first website program. The choice of website program is the establishment of the first general enterprises are very careless in the choice of web application, and many corporate executives have a common problem, is to choose the program when the very casual, because business owners on the Internet this concept is very small, on the site is more superficial, only know the website for enterprises to make money, so in the choice of web application generally choose product website, the website of a ASP program in a page on it. The author believes that the choice of site procedures must not be careless, to the development of the enterprise website and sake, suggestions is to choose PHP site procedures, such as the most of the mainstream of the Empire, DEDE and other procedures, of course DEDE vulnerabilities are more, but the best security almost no problem, and CMS is the Empire enterprise website program, the enterprise can develop two times to do the CMS Empire, now 7 of the empire is very helpful for enterprises. It is recommended to use CMS station.

, a web application and space


only a short while ago, the original site is down right or no ranking of trouble? In fact, many enterprises in the webmaster do Shanghai dragon will be asked, our enterprise website content obviously is the original, is a word we knock out of the site, the ranking came up, but after love Shanghai big update ranking dropped, and the weight and flow did not, this problem is not the number of. From the current data, there are large quantities of enterprise web site is down right and be K, pulled the hair every day, there is one of the many reasons, however, a part of the webmaster but complain, the corporate website content not only originality and the quality is very high still, love Shanghai why to us the enterprise website drop right? Is different, have this happen most of the enterprise website. So, in order to solve this problem I think it happens with corporate owners communicate together, analyze the reason of originality enterprise website drop right or no ranking.

said another space. The enterprise website is usually the server, cloud hosting or VPS, I can see the enterprise almost everything is in such a space, in addition to the small size of the enterprise is using virtual host, server, cloud hosting and VPS website on almost nothing but good, but the virtual host is not the same, the general virtual host is down from a server, the number is very much, if users buy a virtual host will find one IP many sites. Before I have seen a case of a decoration company website on the virtual host, but did not buy the independent IP, a virtual host more than 80 websites, the website ranking is very high, the industry in a few sites to go beyond him, then the other site is down right, his web site right to be reduced, because what is actually? Influence caused by other websites. This I believe corporate owners also know everything, so that the site is independent IP.

two, the website structure on a Q >

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