The two site is K and the weight lifting problem with two kinds of measures

is basically the same to others

maybe for 2011, pure collection of Web would not be so easy to be K, but love Shanghai algorithm change, began a review of a website is a collection station or formal site. For search engines, pure acquisition station directly by induction into the waste site, so the author of the movie site will inevitably be examined out. With the web like most people, coupled with the pure collection of information, it is possible to produce most of the same content with others, this is very easy to cause the risk of K website.

two, soft and simple construction of the chain

, using the template structure of



although this is not what big problem on the Internet with a template for the people is good, but this has been caused by the search engines do not love to the website, the first impression is the feeling of points. Of course, this can only be said there is no winning favorite search engine only, and the main reason is not caused by the K station.

The author of the recent

the site restoration work of the following two steps:

lead site recovery, I first thought is to update the website snapshot. And the website snapshot update method is better that the soft release on A5, followed by a search engine and began to update the website snapshot. I will do some simple web site outside the chain, but not a lot to do, just do some related forums, blog and other publicity, rather than heavy weight. This is the author of the site is K and share a resumption of work, by the first screening room 贵族宝贝01dvd贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

in the recovery by K station site, because the station is a movie website, not content comes. Is the author of K station also summarized, generally is the result of the following two reasons:

Update snapshot , thank you!

is one of the site’s content, original and pseudo original

in the end website template, based on previous lessons, the author collected resources for large-scale text or pseudo original write reviews, to the original false original for the website is the main content of content filling station. Although the website is currently only included the home page, but love Shanghai weight and keywords ranking have been improved, I believe that as long as we persist, the site returned to point the day and await for it.

based on this, I think that changes to the website template, is no longer pure acquisition information, began to restore the site. Look at the website for the latest performance of the screenshot:

two, the pure film information collected

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