The site is down right may be the reasons in a

two, website content without value or repeatability is too high.

for web content garbage, no value or repeat due to higher right down the website of a few, especially some of the early web content quality is very good, the search engine also give good rankings and weight, but in the late because of the webmaster lazy directly copied or collecting a large number of content filling, thus obtaining the long tail this ranking, or in the short term can make our website to get a lot of long tail word, and the ranking is also good. But the search engine recognition system will slowly on our website content to make a negative, late may punish our website directly.

Effect of

there are many webmaster in these small, always in order to save some money, buy some bad server, causing the site often can not open the situation. Especially some flat-share server, once was a lot of other websites in access, download or attack, often will be linked to our website. While their website is done properly, there is no cheating, but simply because the server is bad, often unable to access the situation when the spider to grab.

, a web server, the space is not stable.

we all know the chain for the weight of a web site promotion is very important, but it is only for the value chain of high quality, not just what is the chain of value, especially in the last year after Shanghai launched 2 love Scindapsus, directly to make a lot of.

three, the chain of garbage.

so if it is because of such problems causing the site to drop right is undoubtedly the most unfortunate, so here suggest that you must choose a stable server, try not to flat-share and others, so as not to be involved.

the following small simple share in these years I do stand experience some right down to where and share their own solutions, hoping to help you, of course, if there are different views, we also welcome that mutual learning guidance.

so for this case, small series suggest that you can choose a few update valuable content, do not collect the mass reproduced some valuable content.

for every successful webmaster, the success of the road will be subjected to search engine drop right, so in the webmaster industry also spread in such a sentence, not experienced down the right of the owners is not a successful webmaster. But the web site is down right intention is another webmaster more helpless and headache thing, right down too small, lighter in site included slow and so on, and the worst case may lead directly to the site to be search engine K off, pull hair. The site is down right, except in our grief, we still need to find more problems, summarize the problem and solve the problem.

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