Website optimization should follow the norms in undertaking the task of optimization

four, goodwill, with the best service to every customer. The service includes not only the pre-sale service also includes customer service service, there is a part of the optimization is done in the customer payment before the well paid, patient explanation, and once the customer payment after their prototype are exposed, the website Follow-Up Services can not keep up, the words just say ‘I this part of Dragon Phoenix on his future is very near. Want to let their customers more new customers, not one we rely on, rely on the one of the customers bring new customers, only this.


, a commitment to abandon, to speak with the effect. A lot of Shanghai dragon in Internet advertising today is "a month must be ranked on the home page, keywords ranking 5 days". If you are an enterprise and company managers to see these information should be careful, some simply do not have the number of Shanghai Dragon technology is the name of these people of high commitment around rumors of kidnapping, their purpose is to money, they are not enough to realize the slogan, so if you are a the technical strength of Shanghai dragon, you should hit the banner should not promise, but with the strength to let customers see the effect, the only way to continue to set the industry popularity, lay their future development.

with more and more companies and enterprises need Shanghai Longfeng, which resulted in today’s Shanghai dragon industry has been confused, but no matter how the industry chaos, industry norms as a Shanghai dragon should follow it must comply with industry standards, if even the basic will not be able to comply with it will be eliminated, so as who undertake the website optimization Shanghai dragon should follow what the industry standard of

three, rational, comply with laws and regulations, why are some people because of the Internet into a trap, because it is a part of the website optimization task in accept violations, although you are just one of the content of the web site optimization and later to not take much responsibility website, but how can a as an important part of the Internet saying you should not contribute to the Internet environment of their own, to know the rational understanding of their own technology, make a contribution to the Internet is the ultimate way to our website optimization.

two, respect the case, talk with their case. The case has been the object of numerous Shanghai Longfeng sought after, many Shanghai dragon searched a lot of cases in the Internet, and then the case loaded on their web site, I have seen a case in Shanghai Longfeng site hao123 the site was included in these cases, how to allow customers to rest assured you? As a qualified Shanghai dragon, what we want is a fact, it is his case, if you borrow someone else’s case is not only easy to wear, what is more important is that you can never establish their own brand, do Shanghai dragon which one do not want to build their own brand, while others under the tree is not possible to establish a brand.


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