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!Keywords 2, love Shanghai index

love Shanghai index is a very good tool, we can not only popular degree to be able to use it to see keywords, we can also use it to analyze keywords competition size. Especially some new contact owners or business owners can be roughly according to this tool to view your keyword data. The following simple introduce specific how to love Shanghai index search keywords competition size.


(E) search number more than 1000: belong to difficult words.

(D) 500-1000: the number of searches on the middle part of the

(B) 100-300: search number belongs to the average small;

You should see the

found that there is a season and light >

; We all know that

Shanghai index is the most love we want to know the daily number of searches, such as we see the word "GREE air conditioning maintenance daily love Shanghai index data:

love Shanghai index reflects the user search keywords frequently, the greater the searches, that the word business degree is higher, the better the effect brought by nature, this word is also the target for numerous businessman, so the competition difficulty will be greater. This can be divided into the following ranges:

(C) 300-500 search times: to belong to medium;

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to introduce the first look at the key words: "competition the size of the virtual sub rain: keyword search results page keywords competition" size, sometimes we watch the search results page really do not see what, especially some new industries, has just begun to enter the field is not too many people are concerned, some sites only some manufacturers build, please professional Shanghai Longfeng do optimization, then we only see the search results page is very hard, today I then this down, focuses on how the love Shanghai index keyword competition size.

Keywords Shanghai index

(A) search number less than 100: belong to the competition of smaller;

people think this will probably hold the key index of the number, in fact, an article in front of I will give you about, should pay attention to seasonal changes in some industries, air-conditioning maintenance industry is more obvious, in front of the hot trend but this month’s love the Shanghai index search volume, we also look at the best index at least nearly 1 years or all:

1, love to see how much competition the size of

A, first look at the hot trend of the word, we can see clearly the word love Shanghai index is between 900-1200, the number is considerable, the difficulty of the word size in the middle of the.

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