Noble baby to stationmaster bribe again 7 days to update the PR value

PageRank is a search engine based on Web Hyperlinks between computing web page ranking technology, Google founder Larry · (Larry Page); page name name. This technique is often and search engine optimization, use it to reflect the noble baby relevance and importance of web page. Noble baby founder Larry · page and Sergei brin; · on 1998 in Stanford University invented the technology.


[global network equipment] report February 7th morning, open the webmaster tools query site data surprised to find PR value from 0 to 3 update. November 8, 2012 nobility baby large update the PR value, the PR value update according to the last update just 3 months.

the webmaster in exchange links to most of the noble and love Shanghai baby PR weights can be seen as the basis, the PR value of nobility baby is still an important bargaining chip in exchange links, low PR site link exchange is not so easy. At the same time, from the link trading market, but there is a great difference between PR level.

PageRank through the network of hyperlinks to determine a page rank. Simply speaking, a web page links by other more, the Pagerank value is high; a high level page can make other pages to enhance the level of low grade.


In this paper, by

global network equipment ( original, reproduced please specify.

update the PR value from the nobility baby rule, the next update PR is likely in early May.

on the website of nobility baby value significance

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