How to set up a WordPress blog title and optimization

independent blog most people choose WordPress, but powerful WP not every blogger can find a lot of WP have an easy control in the matter, the novice bloggers, even the most basic title and details are not set up, resulting in greatly affected status blog search engine, how to set up WordPress to talk about the blog title and optimization.

quoted content:
< PHP? If (is_home) (<); PHP? Bloginfo (‘description’); > <? /title> < >



may be a lot of bloggers think, the easiest way is to use the plug-in, because the WP plugin is too strong and full. But the plug-in is much, not only will slow the blog access speed, will cause excessive consumption of server resources, and some search engines for some plug-ins is not friendly, improper use will make the blog in its major discounts. For example, All in one pack of the Shanghai dragon, it is a lot of people respected the Shanghai dragon best plug-in, then after continuous practice, it is not only the server consumption is too big, the love of Shanghai is not friendly, after some analysts say this is a design for the Google plug-in, so it was love Shanghai’s eyes.

Then in the Title Optimization of The new

1, put the original header.php in < title> < PHP?…… < /title> the code is changed to < PHP? Include_once (" desc.php" >);; the new code is stored in the desc.php OK (if there is Chinese words, remember to save for the encoding of the file is UTF-8. Remember, desc.php) uploaded to your theme directory.

under the condition of not using the plugin to make the same effect, I now see the settings, this method is from Liucheng (Liucheng is the article to share? Last year Shanghai dragon NO.1 Bo excellent contest), there are two operating modes:

2, (my own practice) to header.php < meta…… > < /title> < PHP?…… Title> the code will cover the code, but some topics cannot be used, because some of the theme of the header.php there is no < meta…… > < title> < > php…… < /title> etc..

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