Love of Shanghai to share effects on Web page ranking

so share in this proposal everybody Adsense don’t brush love Shanghai, may often be a white mouse experiment, let love Shanghai more fully to their own product testing, such punishment is often accompanied by.

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first, page ranking is multifactorial, the biggest impact is the construction of the content itself and the ranking of the chain, and love Shanghai sharing is a social sharing tools, can only reflect the quality from the side of the page, page ranking is complementary, when we search a key word, often find share but don’t share than low ranking (Figure 1).

second, love Shanghai has always focused on the user experience of the site, in the Web2.0 era, share more can reflect the quality of the web page. Under normal circumstances, share more pages must be of high quality, good content. Hyperlink when Robin Li proposed is such a concept, "is more the chain that the better the quality of". So the brush share, it is uncertain how to deal with the emergence of love Shanghai brush share, and how to punish, so I believe that the love Shanghai love Shanghai share the weight value is not high.




but love Shanghai can share up a positive impact on the page rank? I think questionable.

Since the launch of

web site to install love Shanghai share whether can increase the weight of the website? I think it is for sure. Shanghai love of their products are given a certain weight, love Shanghai share is no exception, the use of "love Shanghai share by users to share, can make the number of the page is displayed in the sharing of love Shanghai in the search results page, auxiliary users determine the quality of web pages, so share love Shanghai is able to increase the weight of the website the.


love Shanghai love Shanghai share this social button in a year ago, more and more webmaster adds this gadget on its website. On the one hand is because of love Shanghai share button to function, the website sharing out, more important is that the installation can share love Shanghai increase the weight of the site, so love Shanghai this gadget is spread quickly.

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